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    About Us
    Enterprise introduction

    Zhejiang Shengong Machine Co. Ltd was founded in the early 90's, has been 20 years of production history of machine tool. Shenyang machine tool has been adhering to the "shaping the character, manufacturing quality" concept, is a collection research and development, design, production in one of the well-known enterprises.

    The company mainly produces ordinary machine tools, CNC lathes, special machine tools, milling machine and its mechanical parts, in personnel, technology, equipment, products with unique advantages. We can provide aviation and aerospace, semiconductor processing, petrochemical, automotive parts, pump valve, bearing motor, agricultural machinery, medical machinery, education and teaching, such as processing equipment industry.

    Shenyang machine tool with today's most advanced processing equipment and testing equipment, including subordinate branch are accessories perfect production process and quality control, in strict accordance with international and domestic industry standard production. Is running at home and abroad, the industry is running a machine tool will continue to write a new chapter in history.

    As one of the leaders of the industry reform, Shen machine tools are constantly new, for the machinery manufacturing industry to transport new blood. We will do everything we can to serve you.

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