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    Product service
    Service description

    1, service work under the unified leadership of the general manager, the direct responsibility of the human service director.
    2, after sales service work involves the cross sectoral matters need to be coordinated by the production of deputy director responsible for the organization to solve.
    3, service work in other sectors of the human, material and technical support should be unconditionally given the most powerful support.
    4, the system of work ideas, methods, measures, procedures, standards, training by the production of deputy director of the supervision of the implementation of the work of the center, to support the work of the center, guidance, inspection, assessment.
    5 the factory communications and maintenance information, all serving and leaving staff not to leak, the warranty in accordance with procedures.
    6, the system is responsible for the direct interpretation of the center of the camp and is responsible for the imperfect or defective in the improvement and amendment.

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