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    Product service
    Service system

    1.The concept of after-sales service

         1, the sale of the "after" service for the sale of "former" shelf life, always let the customer satisfaction, always let the customer rest assured.

         2, the customer is always right, wrong belongs to us, our goal is correct.

    2. after-sales service measures

         1, change the "nanny" service for the "steward" type of service.

         2, "nanny" type of service weaknesses: lack of initiative and management, service personnel lack of planning, struggling to cope with temporary service.

         3, "Butler" service advantages: for the Shen industry user services to the market to the end of each nerve. Is conducive to the management of the user Shen machine tools, reducing the cost of the user's maintenance, better reflect the significance and value of the customer service brand, the user feels Shen work after the market has price, service is priceless, the real connotation.

         4, the "steward" after sale service is also "one-stop" service, that is, pre-sale, sale, after-sales service, from the production line to the delivery service staff, feedback user information, each program is strictly controlled, pay attention to the standard, to achieve a comprehensive service quality.

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