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    Numerical control machine tool has the advantages of simple structure

    Release date:2015-08-07Views:1274

    NC machine tools need to be based on the instruction of CNC system, automatic completion of the feed rate, spindle speed, props and other machine tools, as well as other machine tools (such as automatic tool change, automatic cooling) control. It must use the servo feed system instead of the ordinary machine tool's feed system, and can realize the automatic transmission of the main shaft through the main shaft speed control system. Therefore, in the mechanical structure, numerical control machine tool spindle box, feed box structure is generally very simple; gear, shaft type parts, bearing the number is reduced; motor can be directly connected to the spindle and ball screw, gear; in the use of linear motor, electric spindle, even can not lead screw, spindle box. In operation, it is not like ordinary machine tools, the need for the operator to adjust and speed through the handle, the operating mechanism than ordinary machine tools to be simple, many machine tools and even no manual mechanical operation system.

    In addition, because the majority of the numerical control machine tool can be controlled by the aid of numerical control system (M skills), therefore, the commonly used buttons are less than ordinary machine tools.

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